Monday, May 17, 2010

Final days

The end of term approaches! The end of the time that CofU is with us is nigh! Jason asked us if CofU could stay with us until the 1st Tuesday of the holidays. I said that there would be a mutiny at home if he did. D, J and myself were counting down the days until his departure, thinking that it would be either Thursday night or Friday morning. Jason then said that he would leave us on the last Tuesday of term. Subdued rejoicing. Come 6.00pm on the day and CofU hadn't been picked up. I rang Jason who had shifted house that day and forgotten all about him. We had a last meal together, then dropped CofU off at the new place he was staying, which was the home of his maths teacher.

Insults given and taken

I have the impression that people think that I'm likeable and easy to get along with, so I was quite taken aback when CofU said I was "illnatured". That comment hurt, perhaps more than was reasonable, his opinion doesn't have much value, and might have even bean a misunderstanding. In return I've told him (under provocation) that he is tactless and has a thick head. I'm ashamed that I lost my cool and said these even if they are true.

Tattle tale

CofU came to me and said that D had said a bad word, F***. Not rising to the bait I calmly said it was a bad word and that he must have been provoked to use it. I later asked D for the full story, he told me that CofU walking across the lounge had inadvertently stepped against a power cord that was supplying D's laptop, pulling it out. D lost the last 1/2 hour's work. no wonder he was a bit upset. Why did CofU tell me just part of the story, to make trouble between D and myself? He also infallibly tells me if J is watching TV and using a computer at the same time, something I dislike.

The lion can roar!

We all had to be out of the house early for some mornings. D and C to work and J to ride to school. CofU didn't need to go to school so early, but had to be out of the house at the same time as ther rest of us. He tended to leave getting dressed into his school uniform until after breakfast, that's OK but on Tuesday morning he was still waltzing around ununiformed with just moments to gg before I needed to lock the door behind us. I'd explained the urgency and instructed him to dress. I was filling lunch-boxes in the kitchen when I heard a roar from the hallway, D laying down the law to CofU in no uncertain terms. J and I looked at each other "glad he ahs never yelled at me like that". CofU got dressed in record time and scuttled out the door.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

winding up

Never say that CofU doesn't understand how to wind up some one. He has realised that it really irritates me if he calls someone 'pig woman'. So he does it, sometimes just saying the words over and over quietly but audibly. Urghh! He hs asked about Queen Elizabeth, about her prettiness and usefulness. I'm not much of a royalist, but his attitude has bought out a stong defence of her in me. He has expressed a desire to kill her, a joke, I think, but if anything happens to her, he will be the first I think of as being responsibile.

For J he says 'tchh' with a little snear on his face whenever J speaks. It drives J wild!

CofU suggests that D could sell his lovingly restored enigne for lots of money. Realising that this engine is valuable to D, but maybe not so worthy to anyone else. He thinks of the price of everything but doesn't see non-monetary value.