Thursday, August 14, 2008

New technology

20th Century technology seemed to be all about saving time and energy. People didn't have to spend hours up to their elbows in sudsy water, or filing catalogue, issue cards for hours on end, or labourisly handwriting everything. This century's technlogy seems to be designed to fill up our time. Hours could be spent making clever pictures and organising them. How many people indexed their photoalbums in the old days?

Exercise 4 and 5

To connect representative photos of North Shore suburbs to a maps of the North Shore seemed a worthwhile and interesting excercise. But I can't pull a map up using Mappr. Next tried Montager to gather pictures of kakapo (a favourite bird). I added them to my favourites, but when I checked favourites the cupboard was bare! so if you have seen hald a dozen kakapo running round, please send them to me. ( now retrieved from the pc's desktop) Here's a photo of Hoki (a well-known kakapo)'ve now gathered several Kakapo on FAVE in Flickr but couldn't manipulate them into a mosaic.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008