Thursday, December 11, 2014

driving ettiquite

My son has just achieved his restricted driving licence - this means that he can drive alone or with us, with a curfew of 10.00pm.  The testing is very tough, I suspect many drivers on the roads today would not pass the practical.  We are both a bit critical of those on the road who are not up to standard with their indicating.

Two commandments apply to driving - be kind and be informative. (They also apply elsewhere in life)

The kindness is in letting cars into a stream of traffic, particularly if they have been sitting at the exit of a side road for some time, giving lots of space and time for a learner driver to complete a manouvre, letting a vehicle coming the other way through a smallish gap first....

black dog versus troll

Some depressives describe being followed by a black dog.  This metaphor doesn't ring true for me at all.  both the black Labradors that I have known; Bronson and Leroy have been cheerful and comforting personalities.  My depression metaphor was a troll, an malignant presence who stole my contentment.