Wednesday, August 28, 2013

cheetah gems

I visited the two cheetah that reside at Auckland Zoo.  They are not disdainful of human admirers, more indifferent to them.  Lions might be called regal and tigers majestic; cheetahs are something else, something lighter but very special. They are lithe and muscular, focused and dainty.  As we walked through the near empty zoo, they were alert but relaxed.  A feral chook came just a little too close, a burst of action nearly saw the end of that bird, Anubis only slowed  at little by the woman on the other end of his lead.  Only male cheetah are selected to be 'ambassadors' to have such close interaction with members of the public.  This is becasue they are even-tempered, apparently the females get irritable and unpredictable at certain times of the month.  We accompained the chhetah back to their encloseure wherer they had breakfast of bunnies and bit of wild, culled horse.

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